Saturday, September 6, 2008

Film Review - Don Cheadle does it again!

We all know Don Cheadle is that rare form of actor that actually studies his craft and continues to improve with each film. His newest film "Traitor" is no different. For those of you who are new to Two Cents aka Cash and Cam our rating system is based on how much of two cents a film deserves. "Traitor" most definitely gets two whole cents. At this point in our society every film that references the Middle East is completely predictable. This film is different, mostly due in part to Cheadle's performance. It is so simple to always play the extreme character, the one who is crazy, disabled, stutters, etc...the most difficult roles to master are those that explore the complications of the everyday person. Cheadle masters this beautifully. Not only does he fall naturally into any dialect or language, including Arabic, he never exaggerates the role and becomes a caricature. This film is highly recommended!!!

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